Exchange and refund policy

We are always keen to shop our customers with confidence and confidence by refunding the value of their purchases or replacing them with one of our products, taking into account the following exchange and return terms and conditions :

* The return must be within three days of receipt and replacement within 7 days from the date of receipt of the order .

* The products must be in their original condition and unused and they are in the same condition when received .

• There is no refund on the stored products, only a replacement within 3 days on the customer’s shipping value .

• We will carry out the refund process by transferring the amount to the customer through the bank to refund the cash amount and the transfer will be after receiving the product from the customer and making sure of its safety .

* The customer is responsible for the return shipping fees in the absence of manufacturer defects of the product .

• In case of replacement by the customer, the customer will be responsible for the replacement bill of lading fees, first to return the product to our stores and secondly to send the new product to him.

• If a defective product is sent by us, we will return the value of the product to the customer .

• In case of retrieval of the application by the work

After the order status becomes ( fulfilled), the shipping fee is not refundable .

* If the order is in progress, the customer cannot replace it or change it ( if it is a special design or with a name )

• In case the customer has not received the product from the shipping company, he will take care of the value of the new shipment .

• In case of purchase from promotions (such as buy 2 and get 1 for free), all products included in the offer must be returned .

* Accessories cannot be replaced or returned in order to preserve public health.

* Any request that has a detailed name, print, or the like will not be returned or replaced.

* Distribution products are not refundable or replaceable because they are equipped according to the request, except in case of a defect .

Recovery steps:

* Submit a return or replacement request to customer service via WhatsApp at this number +973 3889 9411

* You will be replied within 24 hours, after submitting your request for refund

Please print the return policy and attach it with the returned product and take it to the nearest branch of the shipping company or contact the shipping company to send a representative

* The amount will be refunded to your account within 3 working days from the arrival of the items sent to us and will be in accordance with the terms of return .

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